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Erstwhile Fairy Tales kickstarter almost over!
There's only seven days left in the Erstwhile Fairy Tales kickstarter campaign!

We have reached over 200% of our original goal thanks to you wonderful readers. We are truly grateful for your support!

Now that we have passed the 20k Goal that means we can give you even more! The original five fairy tales will be included; The Farmer’s Clever Daughter; A Tale with a Riddle; Maid Maleen; The Bird, the Mouse, & the Sausage; and All Fur. The Little Shroud and The Old Man & his Grandson will also be included.

AND NOW, we can add The Sweet Porridge which will not run on the Erstwhile site until late this year. This brings the total number of stories included up to eight and total number of pages from 136 to 160. Thank you for making this possible! Also, pledges of $75 or more will receive access to the online Behind-the-Tales members section of the Erstwhile website.

If we reach $30,000 Gina has a great treat for all of you Red String fans. Red String will publish FIVE UPDATES A WEEK for TWO MONTHS. We’ve got ten days left in our kickstarter campaign. I’m sure we can do it!

Want your own print copy?
Here’s what you do!

Visit our campaign on Kickstarter and choose a pledge level. Twenty bucks will get you a print copy of the book and an exclusive bookmark. If you choose to pledge more, we have more awesome goodies to throw at you! You can even opt to just get a PDF copy of the book or outright donate a little bit if you prefer. Just make sure you get your pledges in by June 6th!


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