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Conventions for 2012
I have a few convention appearances lined up for the next few months. Can't do as many of them with the baby, but I'm not cutting them out completely --just scaling back a bit.

MOMOCON in Atlanta, GA
(March 16-18, 2012)
I’ve been attending for five or more years now. It’s a fun convention that is steadily growing. This year they’ve moved up from the Georgia Tech to the big hotel scene! It should be a blast.

(April 6-8, 2012)
Okay, so remember how I was going to be at Anime Boston last year, but had to cancel because of the pregnancy woes? Well, this year I’ve been invited to attend as a Featured Artist. That’s right, me, the hubby, and the little one will be in the artists alley! We've already got our flights booked!

A-KON in Dallas, TX
(June 1-3, 2012)
This will be my third year at A-kon. It's a great convention with a great convention staff. They really treat the Artist Alley folks well! Looking forward to returning.

We might be at a few other conventions in the second half of the year, but nothing is confirmed as of this point. Either tables are not yet available to reserve or haven't heard back yet. Either way, there might be a few more appearances this year!

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If you're not able to get into Dragoncon I will CRY!

Me, too! I submitted my request for a table. Now I'm just waiting to hear back from them as to whether or not I got a table this year. ^_^

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