New series - Demon Aid
DEMON AID has begun! The comic tells the story of a demon mediator named Esta who helps the people in her city solve problems they encounter with demons, fairies, and magical maladies. Unfortunately for Esta, she finds herself with a demon problem of her own that she just can't shake.

Demon Aid comic teaser by *strawberrygina on deviantART

Stretching to new goals!
The Red String Omnibus kickstarter is going amazingly well! We hit our initial goal in just four days thanks to all of you wonderful fans! That goal earned everyone who ordered a physical copy of the book two adorable 2"x2" stickers and revealed some new pledge levels!

Now we're moving into the stretch goals!

20k - A brand new bonus comic will be added to the first Omnibus book.

30k - Everyone gets a bonus desktop wallpaper.

40k - Red String prints for those who ordered physical books.

50k - Wait and see!

Red String Omnibus Kickstarter
It's time to celebrate 10 years of Red String! We are running a kickstarter campaign will fund the first two OMNIBUS edition books of the Red String series.

Omnibus books collect satisfyingly large chunks of a series into big books, so that you may consume them with greater ease. These books are 600+ pages in length each and FILLED with extras. There will be the extras that were already collected in the small volumes as well as a whole bunch of new material.

Also lots of extra goodies to be had like bookmarks, signed bookplates, stickers, prints, original art, & more!




Not self-promotion!
I know I usually use my Live Journal for promotion these days, but today I wanted to take the time to give a shoutout to someone else's work! I have lately found a webcomic that just tickles me pink and I think fans of The X-Files will feel the same.

Monster of the Week
Monster of the Week
The Complete Cartoon X-Files

Chibi-Pa Convention
Hooray! We'll be at the Chibi-pa Convention in Deerfield Beach, FL this weekend (November 16-18). We will have our own booth in the dealer's room and will be selling all sorts of goodies. The Erstwhile books will be there as well as discounted Red String graphic novels. There's no better time to round out your collection!


Weekend Pass - $35
Friday Only - $20
Saturday Only - $25
Sunday Only - $20

Erstwhile Fairy Tales kickstarter almost over!
There's only seven days left in the Erstwhile Fairy Tales kickstarter campaign!

We have reached over 200% of our original goal thanks to you wonderful readers. We are truly grateful for your support!

Now that we have passed the 20k Goal that means we can give you even more! The original five fairy tales will be included; The Farmer’s Clever Daughter; A Tale with a Riddle; Maid Maleen; The Bird, the Mouse, & the Sausage; and All Fur. The Little Shroud and The Old Man & his Grandson will also be included.

AND NOW, we can add The Sweet Porridge which will not run on the Erstwhile site until late this year. This brings the total number of stories included up to eight and total number of pages from 136 to 160. Thank you for making this possible! Also, pledges of $75 or more will receive access to the online Behind-the-Tales members section of the Erstwhile website.

If we reach $30,000 Gina has a great treat for all of you Red String fans. Red String will publish FIVE UPDATES A WEEK for TWO MONTHS. We’ve got ten days left in our kickstarter campaign. I’m sure we can do it!

Want your own print copy?
Here’s what you do!

Visit our campaign on Kickstarter and choose a pledge level. Twenty bucks will get you a print copy of the book and an exclusive bookmark. If you choose to pledge more, we have more awesome goodies to throw at you! You can even opt to just get a PDF copy of the book or outright donate a little bit if you prefer. Just make sure you get your pledges in by June 6th!

Erstwhile Kickstarter
Fantastic news!

Elle, Louisa, and I have launched our KICKSTARTER campaign. The money from this will go to printing a gorgeous full-color, hardcover book of Erstwhile comics. Erstwhile is a comic anthology adapting lesser-known Grimm's Fairy Tales. Depending on how much you pledge you will receive extra goodies in different combinations. We have some really cool one-of-a-kind items like the crocheted plushies of Bird, Mouse, and Sausage!

We have lots of special rewards planned and pledge levels to unlock! And remember, if the campaign doesn't reach its goal, we get NOTHING. Yup, nothing. So help us get a happily ever after!

Conventions for 2012
I have a few convention appearances lined up for the next few months. Can't do as many of them with the baby, but I'm not cutting them out completely --just scaling back a bit.

MOMOCON in Atlanta, GA
(March 16-18, 2012)
I’ve been attending for five or more years now. It’s a fun convention that is steadily growing. This year they’ve moved up from the Georgia Tech to the big hotel scene! It should be a blast.

(April 6-8, 2012)
Okay, so remember how I was going to be at Anime Boston last year, but had to cancel because of the pregnancy woes? Well, this year I’ve been invited to attend as a Featured Artist. That’s right, me, the hubby, and the little one will be in the artists alley! We've already got our flights booked!

A-KON in Dallas, TX
(June 1-3, 2012)
This will be my third year at A-kon. It's a great convention with a great convention staff. They really treat the Artist Alley folks well! Looking forward to returning.

We might be at a few other conventions in the second half of the year, but nothing is confirmed as of this point. Either tables are not yet available to reserve or haven't heard back yet. Either way, there might be a few more appearances this year!

Erstwhile - Fairy Tale Comics
Hi everyone! I have a new (well, new as a webcomic... a few of the stories were print-only years back) webcomic series, ERSTWHILE ~ Fairy Tale Comics.

It is an all-ages read that adapts the lesser-known Grimm's fairy tales into comics without watering them down from their original versions. Right now we have five stories up. They include: The Farmer's Clever Daughter, A Tale with a Riddle, Maid Maleen, The Bird, the Mouse, & the Sausage, and All Fur (currently updating).

I hope you will check it out! If you like it, please link to the site or give it a mention.

Happy New Year
Yup, it's a brand new year. I've got two new watercolors I did just after midnight last night. First new art pieces of the new year!

Watercolor - Fuuko by ~strawberrygina on deviantART

Watercolor - Reika x Eiji 2 by ~strawberrygina on deviantART


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